Restoring justice.
Reconciling relationships.

Progress House Association (PHA) offers trauma-informed care and practical support to people who’ve been marginalized by the criminal-legal system, mental illness, substance use, and homelessness.

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No one should have to start over alone.

But for the hundreds of people in the Tacoma area who are transitioning from prison, homelessness, and substance use or mental health treatment, that’s the norm.

Left to navigate their new normal with no support, they too often return to what’s familiar. So it should come as no surprise that recidivism and relapse are rampant.

But the cycle can be disrupted.

When people in transition receive culturally attuned and historically responsive services, in the context of supportive community, they succeed in the short-term and thrive in the long-term.

Together, we can help make that happen.


Relationships are the key to restoration.

Recidivism and relapse are reduced

Families are reconciled

Self-worth is reinforced

Responsibility is reestablished

With your support of PHA programs, marginalized people find their way back to belonging.

Progress House Programs

Strengthening communities since 1972.

Palaver House

Transitional residential program serving men and women who are justice-involved, unhoused, and/or recovering from substance use.

Palaver House is a culturally attuned, trauma-informed, restorative community, created by and for Black and Brown folks.


The CHANGE Program

Life skills coaching, mentorship, practical support, and wrap-around community services for justice-involved men and women of color.

Since the start of The CHANGE Program, not a single member has had additional involvement with the criminal-legal system.


PHA Clubhouse

Programs for people living with mental illness to help them develop skills and find friendship as they work toward their goals.

Through PHA Clubhouse, hundreds of people with mental illness have built confidence, independence, and wellness.


Our stories of change

16,000 lives transformed. So far.

I was ... reeling from 26 years of incarceration and felt so down on myself because every single job I tried for the door was slammed in my face. [PHA] gave me hope, advice, direction, and belief in myself.”
- D.D.

“[PHA] gave me and still gives me not only their support but also the support from my fellow peers. My life is great, I am working at a great job and saving a lot of money. I bought a vehicle and have accomplished most of my goals that we put forth. I feel more confident and know that I can do anything regardless of what my past is or where I come from. I feel like I am far exceeding my own expectations and know this is only the beginning.”
- S.S.

“[PHA] has helped me find resources that could help me reach my goals that I set out for myself. It helped me be more responsible and accountable and has helped me build better relationships. My life is different now because I’ve got a better perspective on life and feel very proud of myself because the things I’ve accomplished in such a short amount of time. And that is because I know I have support in my corner ...”
- H.J.

We can do more good when we do it together.


Your financial support helps create a safer, more hope-full community for everyone.


By sharing your time with our members, you inspire hope and create change.


We’re excited to partner with legislators and those serving Black and Brown communities.

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Real impact

Meet Clinton

“My life felt … stagnant and directionless. With the invaluable support of [PHA], I’ve embarked on a profound journey of self-discovery.”

Read Clinton's Story

Before embarking on this transformative journey, my life felt somewhat stagnant and directionless. I lacked a clear understanding of my identity and purpose, often feeling extreme anxiety with life’s challenges. My choices were not always aligned with my well-being, leading to feelings of frustration and dissatisfaction. I struggled to navigate relationships and conflicts, often feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of interpersonal dynamics. I felt a sense of hopelessness. Physically, I may have looked my best, but mentally, I struggled with self-doubt and negative thought patterns, hindering my ability to pursue my goals with confidence or positivity. Not even knowing or understanding what my goals needed to be. Emotionally, I felt disconnected from myself and others, wanting for a deeper sense of fulfillment and connection, but not knowing how to achieve it. Before the changes, my life lacked purpose, clarity, and fulfillment, prompting me to seek help, growth and transformation.

With the invaluable support of the CHANGE Program, I’ve embarked on a profound journey of self-discovery. Through it’s guidance, I’ve gained deeper insights into my identity, learning not only who I am but also who I aspire to become. Equipped with a comprehensive toolkit, I’ve been empowered to navigate life’s complexities, making informed and health-conscious decisions every day. These transformative changes have honed my capacity to approach diverse situations with empathy and a pro-social mindset. Thanks to the CHANGE Program, I stand more resilient and better prepared for life’s challenges!

The changes I’ve embraced after 24 years of incarceration have a profound transformation in every facet of my life. I feel a newfound sense of self-assurance and inner peace. Physically, I feel more energized and vibrant, as I’ve embraced healthier habits that nourish my body and mind. Mentally, I’m sharper and more focused, equipped with newfound clarity and resilience to tackle challenges head-on. Emotionally, I’ve cultivated a deeper sense of self-awareness and acceptance, leading to greater peace and contentment within. My relationships have flourished as well, characterized by enhanced communication, empathy, and authentic connections with others. Professionally, I approach my endeavors with renewed passion and purpose, leveraging my newfound skills and insights to excel in my pursuits.

Moreover, I’ve noticed improvements in my mental well-being. Through diligent practice and the adoption of healthier habits, I’ve enhanced my overall vitality and resilience. I now approach challenges with a sense of confidence, knowing that I possess the tools and resilience to overcome them.

Additionally, my perspective on life has shifted. I’ve developed a greater appreciation for the present moment and a more optimistic outlook on the future. Instead of dwelling on my past mistakes or my anxiety anticipating what lies ahead, I focus on embracing the opportunities and joys in the moment that each day brings.
The changes I’ve made have not only improved my quality of life but have also enriched my sense of self and my connection to the world around me. I feel more empowered, fulfilled, balanced, and capable of leading a life without prison that reflects my true self.

By aligning my actions with my values and aspirations, I’ve cultivated a deeper sense of authenticity and purpose. This inner harmony radiates into all aspects of my life, fostering healthier relationships and a more fulfilling existence. I’m thankful for the change program staff believing in me because that lead to me believing in myself and I no longer think of myself as the person who was released from prison, but now I’m the father of a daughter, the brother to siblings, the uncle to nephews and nieces, a friend to people and most importantly the husband to an amazing wife. I’m no longer DOC#_____ . My name is Clinton _____ .