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Redefining futures.
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We believe anyone can overcome personal challenges to change their world.

For people who’ve been marginalized, having someone believe in them makes all the difference. And for more than 50 years, we’ve backed up that belief with action, offering wrap-around support to people exiting the criminal legal system. We’ve now expanded our reach to folks living with mental illness, recovering from substance use, and/or transitioning from homelessness

With PHA’s help, more than 16,000 formerly incarcerated persons in Pierce and King Counties have found their way back home.

Our Team

PHA is the largest female- and minority-managed nonprofit employer in Pierce County.

Executive Staff

Cynthia Fedrick

Chief Executive Officer

Cynthia is the hardworking Chief Executive Officer at Progress House, dedicated to ensuring the organization’s health and growth while staying true to its mission. Her passion for helping others and being a steward of opportunity in her community has been evident throughout her life.

Angela Ross-Collins


Angela is widely regarded as a visionary leader at Progress House, where she has been instrumental in guiding the organization into the 21st century. With 48 years of service to the organization, Angela’s passion for making lasting change is evident in everything she does. She began her career as a volunteer in her youth, eventually rising to the position of Chief Operating Officer, overseeing all Progress House locations and programs, as well as managing True Vine Senior Living facility, another organization founded by her family that provides housing for low-income individuals.

Foxy Davison

VP, Community Outreach

She is our go-to team member for everything PHA and community based. Foxy enables us to connect with our community while opening our doors to anyone who requires or supports our efforts. 

Management Staff

Cornell Harris

Operations Manager

Cornell oversees resident programs and housing, maintains compliance and standards, and reports to executive staff.

Anthony Brown

Asst. Operations Manager

Anthony oversees resident programs and housing, maintains compliance and standards, and reports to executive staff.

Robin Henderson

Exec Admin/HR/Payroll

Robin is the Executive Admin.  She also runs payroll and helps with HR duties.

Board of Directors

Cornell Harris

Operations Manager

Foxy Davison

Vice President

Nicki Miller


Alex Davis


JoAnn Ray



Facilitating lasting change for generations.

Our founders, Dr. Leo Brown, Jr. and his wife, Barbara, had a vision to cultivate a stronger community through stewardship and hope. By the late 1960s, they decided to put their passion to work and began ministry programs to work with incarcerated men. In 1971, they expanded their program to include the Purdy Treatment Center for women while simultaneously founding a summer camp for underserved youth.

The Browns would continue to create more opportunities for members of the community who’d experienced hardship and, as a result, ended up in places that seemed hopeless. They believed in second chances and understood that in order to change their community, they had to start by reaching its most vulnerable. Dr. Brown Jr. did not view convicted persons as a threat to society, but rather as individuals who’d made unwise decisions without the proper support structures to lean on. He was called to do more for the men and women he’d encountered through his ministry, and in 1972, despite caution and dismay from local residents, Progress House Association was established. By 2017, Progress House had expanded to include multiple programs, all with the shared goal of reducing recidivism rates.

​Today, Progress House exists as a beacon of hope not only for its clients, but also for their family and children. As the legacy continues with the second and third generations of the Brown family at the helm, we’ve expanded our vision to put an end to the cycle of incarceration and recidivism, mental health hospitalization, and poverty.

Dr. Leo C. Brown, Jr.


Dr. Brown is the founding member of Progress House Association.


Strengthening communities since 1972.

Palaver House

Transitional residential program serving men and women who are justice-involved, unhoused, and/or recovering from substance use.

Palaver House is a culturally attuned, trauma-informed, restorative community, created by and for Black and Brown folks.


The CHANGE Program

Life skills coaching, mentorship, practical support, and wrap-around community services for justice-involved men and women of color.

Since the start of The CHANGE Program, not a single member has had additional involvement with the criminal-legal system.


PHA Clubhouse

Programs for people living with mental illness to help them develop skills and find friendship as they work toward their goals.

Through PHA Clubhouse, hundreds of people with mental illness have built confidence, independence, and wellness.


We can do more good when we do it together.


Your financial support helps create a safer, more hope-full community for everyone.


By sharing your time with our members, you inspire hope and create change.


We’re excited to partner with legislators and those serving Black and Brown communities.